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Google’s self-driving car involved in accident

What still sounds as science-fiction story, is already reality! Google has a car equipped
with GPS steering and video cameras as well as with distance sensors. This study car
has driven 225’000 kilometers without a crash on the Google campus that is also
connected to the public traffic. 3 days ago, it happened… the car crashed into another!

So far there were no harmed persons but the question is, why the car has crashed instead of breaking and avoiding an accident. The accident finally has totaled 5 cars including the google car. As Google states, the crash happened when a man took control over the steering. So one can say that the accident has been caused by human failure… if this is true…

Sure, computer tech allows lots of things to be automatized and with the faster CPUs already being researched, the “think processes” of a computer-controlled vehicle are almost as fast as a human’s thinking yet far from that complex. I still want to state that no computer in the world will be able to reproduce the complex mind and signal ways, our brain actually has what lets us decide some things in no time where a computer can take several hours.. However computer-steered vehicles are as failsafe as nothing else, as long as nothing is disturbing the sensitive program area that controls the steering.

So far, not many severe accidents have been caused by computer-steered vehicles (be it mass transportation or other form of vehicles) and the number is decreasing more and more.

So what do you think? Sci-Fi as we know it from old-school sci-fi movies is not that far away as we usually think!

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