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An epic novel: Finance Crisis 2011

Not that I am very pessimistic but on Tuesday the economic situation was already
pretty grim. But with the start into the weekend, things look worse as expected.
The Swiss Federal Bank’s intervention did not do much to weaken the Swiss franc
and other currencies seem to suffer from strange hickups, too…

So how will the next week begin? Analysts say that the Euro hasn’t jet touched ground, others say, the Euro will stabilize soon and reach levels of 1.15 CHF to 1.20 CHF.

In some news you can read that there are many people buy Euros to hard them and sell them when the Euro has reached a healthy status again. Today also was announced that Ireland will keep it’s BBB+ rating hwhat means, their rating is healthy. Also Spain has received good news from the rating agencies. So what keeps the Euro still so upset?

To be honest: I have no clue however I fear that Switzerland may run into a bad economic situation aswell, should the Euro (and other currencies) devaluate more and more gainst the Swiss franc.

However, enjoy the weekend by spending some of your hard-earned dough tho.

Happy Saturday!

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