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Today while reading my news sites about what’s new in the computer scene, I stumbled
over some rather strange pictures. The made me think only this: What the F…-prompt!
If you think, CPU cooling is going to reduce in Size as the chip structure is being reduced,

well, think again…! These pictures prove you wrong!

Giant cooler... ever seen anything bigger than this?!

Not that I am complaining but hey… you gotta have to mount brackets to the top of your computer housing or else the mainboard may crack up!

Unfortunately I was unable to get an information about the cooler’s specs!

However Zalman has a nice new one in it’s portfolio… the CNPS-12X – 2 coolers (hopefully low-noise and slow-pacing AND NOT blocking RAM slots unlike it’s Predecessor, the 10X):

Zalman CNPS-12X

Another nice big fella keeping your CPU cool'n'quiet...

However I am asking myself what’s the matter of having these big coolers in the housing. On the other hand are structures sizing down to actually 32nm but heat dissipation is still at outrageous 140 watts, overclocked CPUs even dissipate more heat!

Well, as time goes by, maybe newer CPUs still are fast but more cool and not wasting too much energy than todays ones…

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