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EA drops C&C like a hot potato!

EA-Logo-agedI hate it when good game series get wasted because a gaming company,
let alone the biggest among them all, doesn’t have the financial outcome
it has prospected in advance. So what happened, you may ask? Well, as
of today, Electronic Arts has officially stated, that C&C and it’s studio…

…are no longer be part of the “EA imperium”. This means, EA won’t do any strike to get C&C back on tracks. Like a giant locust that initially pics the raisins and throws away the rest.

EA hasn’t gloomed with pride in the past: Several incidents with misbehaving copy protections, online coerce (Origin, DRM and all the stuff where the honest game buyer is being incriminalized, have scrathed the otherwise fine image of EA. With the takedown of Command & Conquer series (and the shutdown of the servers for the older games hereby!) EA hasn’t improved it’s glory either.

The announced shutdown of the entire series is like a big slap in the face of all the C&C fans out there. They truly messed up C&C4 and the F2P concept of Generals 2 isn’t the mother of all answers to modernize!

So let’s have a short travel back in time, when C&C – Tiberium Dawn was released in 1995 – Fine game, extremely good concept even with only VGA graphics but hey, to that time, Pentiums were expensive and Westwood wanted the whole mass to play the game on even crappier 486’s – which worked out well in my opinion!

CnC-TiberianDawnThe SVGA version under Windows – Command & Conquer – Tiberium Dawn

The addon has again set another level of anticipation and raised the sales.

In x-mas 1996, C&C – Red Alert has been released – extremely anticipated. The Alliance fights Russia… interesting concept, the introduction of SVGA game resolution and the overhaul of the scenery made it a long-runner again. Two addons made it last even longer. Initial Playback on Windows also using DirectX (and much more stable than the DOS port!)!

CnC-RedAlertThe SVGA version of Command & Conquer – Red Alert

With C&C – Tiberian Sun the world spoke Windows entirely and the only limitation was the graphics card. Incredible 1280×1024 as the defacto standard in 1999/2000 marked a new era and the isometric design gave the C&C series a new touch. The storyline: GDI against NOD again. The Firestorm extension gave the story a twist. Man against Machine! This game has cost us lots of playing hours – once again! ;)

CnC-TiberianSunCommand & Conquer – Tiberian Sun

C&C – Red Alert 2 in 2000/2001 was the logic consequence and based upon the similar technics of Tiberian Sun. The Overhaul of the graphics and the more detailed units in the war “Alliance vs. Russia” and the time travel gave it some classy touch again, just as Red Alert did in the past. With Yuri to come up in the only sequel, another char has entered the scene. Yet, the playing time was long… VERRRY LONG! – It is still being played online by many C&C fans out there although the takedown of the Gamespay servers made it unplayable online for some days.

CnC-RedAlert2Command & Conquer – Red Alert 2

C&C – Generals and Generals Zero Hour in 2003 made C&C even look more beautiful. The introduction of 3D models gave it a completely new twist. Definitely worth the play and still being played online today!

CnC-GeneralsCommand & Conquer – Generals

C&C – Tiberium Wars in 2007 was the first C&C after 4 years with high class 3D effects. A new graphics engine, a really spooky scenery, the future as the timeline and the attack of the aliens gave C&C3 a real new overhaul. It is today well-played online and received an extension (Kane’s Wrath) in 2008 which took the battle to the final!

CnC-TiberiumWarsCommand & Conquer – Tiberium Wars

C&C – Red Alert 3 in 2008 brought us back the fight between Alliance and Russia but with another competitor, the Rising Sun. Three factions fighting for the sole purpose: World Domination! – Still played massively online today and the takedown of the Gamespay servers made it unplayable online for some days. Luckily the “Cheat” of creating an account with Numbers in the name at the beginning made it possible again, to play it online. What the heck is EA doing? Why not switching the Gamespy accounts to Origin and allow the players continue their gaming experience with no hassle?! WHo the F**k is planning such idiotic takedown and re-inits anyways? Again look at Blizzard how they carry out their business with Diablo II, WoW, StarCraft, Diablo III and newly Hearthstone. Even older series are still playable online but I reduced the mentionning of the most successful ones! With Diablo II we have an evergreen here: 18 years of success and still being online playable speak a very clear language!

CnC-RedAlert3Command & Conquer – Red Alert 3

C&C – Tiberian Twillight in 2010 was the rather successless attempt to close down the chapter of how Kane is dealing with Tiberium. I, personally haven’t played it yet but the critics’ voices were unisono: Lame gameplay, boring reuse of the Tiberium Wars concept and an even more lame sequel gave it a real limp taste.

CnC-TiberiumTwillightCommand & Conquer – Tiberium Twillight

The world is now anticipating C&C – Generals 2 which is supposed to be a F2P (Free 2 Play – Pay 2 Win) game and thus freely downloadable. But as soon as you want to get better equipment, you’d have to do microshopping, like WoT (World of Tanks) uses to be! While WoT is real fun to play even if you don’t pay to win. Announced for 2013, the current status is still Alpha! EA, don’t mess this one even if you have already taken down Command&Conquer. Even if you can’t tell: There are hundreds of thousands of Command&Conquer fans with whose you may have just fu**ed up with, so better make your statement come true and give the project to a studio which is capable of continuing the success of real-time-strategy while still bringing out Generals 2!

CnC-Generals2Command & Conquer – Generals 2

Now that I have already barfed out myself about EA’s really lame concept, I hope, EA isn’t messing up with other game series too much! The rather mediocre start of SimCity 5 was another crumbling edge of the EA imperium.

Sometimes, companies should listen to their customers instead of consequently satisfying their stockholders (which mostly are some investment jerks who don’t even know what good games were and are!) – Money isn’t the only thing that defines the success of a company. It’s the fans that stand behind the company. And believe me, EA, you’re on track to loose more and more customers! Let this be a warning to you. Otherwise, the shiny EA logo will soon turn into something like this:


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