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The trouble within…

Hourglass…or when time suddenly becomes a real sparse and valuable goodie. As you
might have noticed, updates aren’t as frequent as they should be. At the
moment, I am really loaded with work and do not have much time posting
every day. I don’t know when this is about to change but be patient!

This doesn’t mean that this blog is about to die or is uninteresting to me. It just means that I simply don’t have the time to post about all the news out there every day. At least I try to post once a week so that you’ll know that something is still happening here!

Computer is not all in my life and that’s one of the main reasons why I have to cut back in posting every day here.

Sometimes there’s just nothing interesting to post about. And browsing the web for hours just to find something that might probably of interest isn’t what I’d like to do!

I still hope you’ll check back here for some news if they occur.

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