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The issue with botnets…

virus-iconWhen it comes to hacking, I’ll get alerted. As you probably have noticed,
logins via the standard login page are disabled for now and protected by a
new gateway. Therefore even trusted contributors are not able to login at the
moment. Please excuse this circumstance.

As for now, I am further investigating on this and about to take legal action against unknown so far. Hacking or disturbing a website protected by password mechanisms using brute-force is a felony. In most of the countries worldwide! As my web space provider wants to deliver good service, I got notified about an increasing login attempt using bogus IP addresses and source locations. But one thing is for sure: A botnet is involved trying to hack WordPress and Joomla-based blogs and CMS-based websites. As the botnet gets successful, it will then install another admin user and try to spread aound any further. Since private computers mostly don’t offer much power or are protected by Antivirus software, Server at web space providers have much more computing power to set up a basis for a botnet.

So until this problem exists and there’s not an effective way to deliver a secure login while maintaining disturbers to stay out, I have to close down the dashboard login until heat comes down again!

Sorry for this inconvenience but must of this is thanks to some idiotic script kiddies whose only attempt is to disturb others as they’re frustrated or have other mental problems.

Have I ever mentionned that those people caught of creating/using a botnet should be sued not to use a computer in their life again? And if they do, their next hotel stay is at hotel ironbars with freshly filtered air and free rectal soap!

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