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Nokia wins patent fight over HTC

It seems as if HTC didn’t have much luck against Nokia. Nokia seems to have
located a special microphone design in HTC’s new phone “One” which has
been exclusively designed for Nokia and has also been patented by Nokia.
A court in the Netherlands there fore have issued an injuction against HTC.

Nokia, who has actually 40 patent fights running against HTC worldwide, won a patent fight in March at the regional court in Mannheim, Germany where HTC has violated a patent for power save technology, Nokia is holding patent rights for. HTC later stated that they’re no longer using this technology in their newer smartphones. HTC does not see their Germany business endangered after the court’s verdict.

While the last fight seems over now, this new fight might however affect the Netherlands market and also the shipment of the HTC phone, is Schiphol and Antwerpen/Rotterdam an important import location for the european market.

How far this could have gone, was a recent war between Sony and LG where LG has activated an injuction against Sony and more then 100’000 PS3 consoles were impounded at Rotterdam/Antwerpen and Amsterdam-Schiphol from the customs.

Although it seems only logic that companies want to defend their intelectual goods by law, my question is, if it really improves quality and market satisfaction if more and more money is issued for patent wars.

Everything has it’s pros and cons, so does the patent system.

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