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And me goes iPad4

Okay, so I have now purchased a new gadget and am trying it out right now. A
mobile companion is often used for quick sharing of information these days. As
my iPhone is rather small for ergonomic typing, I decided to go biggie and here
we are with the new iPad 4 LTE which is supposed to compete with today’s tech.

First of all, a good cover is also essential for protecting the expensive gadget. My choice went to the Logitech keyboard cover, offering a full-flavored keybaord for a better typing haptics. Don’t get me wrong. I use touchscreens very often but for typing of large texts you’ll find yourself more comfortable using a real keyboard.

Interesting that I can type really fast with a chiclet keyboard which has 12x12mm sized keys. One may find them small but hey, the onscreen keys aren’t bigger and you have no tactile feedback.

Of course there may be questions why I have chosen the rather expensive iPad as there are other good alternatives around, one of them being Google’s Nexus tab.

Well… call me old-fashioned but in the last 4 years I got used to iProducts and since my oldest iPhone has now approx. 4 years on it’s back, one can say that these devices are made for long-lasting and quality typing. Of course there are exceptions and one may find himself with a broken device for unknown reason. But if you don’t go hard on your electronic buddy, it’ll last long.

(Later pic from April, 5th 2013)

Of course you have some idiots who treat their gadgets like shit and then wonder why it’s broken and Apple refuses to repair/replace the gadget for free. But those idiots don’t know how to treat electronic sensitive devices (and yes, I consider the iPad as such albeit it’s aluminum back and gorilla glass cover. Even these rough-taking parts can take damage.

So right now I am at McDonalds, typing this blog entry and must admit, that the iPad keeps it’s promise. Switch on, connect to WiFi, get your already-purchased Apps from the AppStore and you can start right off.

And one more word on the Logitech cover: It has it’s charme although 130 CHF are a hefty price tag. But when you spend 900 CHF on a tablet, these 130 CHF don’t make the cow fat…

Have a nice tuesday evening!

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