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Turtles are cute… NOT!

If you think of turtles, you may probably think of the cute little shy animal
crawling slowly over the ground and being lazy. When you watch these
videos, you might reconsider your thoughts about these animals as they
can be vicious, too! And I learned today: Turtles can be carnivores!

Turtles aren’t strong, you think? Pigeons are hard to catch? For us humans, pigeons are for sure hard to catch but turtles seem to be a tad quicker than pigeons want them to be.
With fatal results, as this video is undoubtedly prooving:

This pigeon had no chance to fight it’s enemy and I was surprised to see turtles to be carnivores!

But turtles seem to be much braver as we think. This video again shows that turtles’ enemies can’t be big enough. This cat will learn to pay attention to a slow-pacing turtle:

Although I feel sort of sorry for the cat being bitten, this tag remembers me of Tom&Jerry – Sleepy Time Tom (at 5:30) later on when the filmer makes a close zoom on the turtle’s beak!

If you think, turtles’ enemies stop at cats, then you’re wrong, as the following video is prooving. Not even dogs scare turtles. Poor little fella. I guess this puppy has painfully learned one lesson: Turtles aren’t cute!

It got the puppy right on the nose. It’s one of the dogs’ most sensitive body part.

And not even big dogs scare turtles away as this video is prooving. In this case, the dog is for sure having it’s most painful event in it’s whole life! When you watch this, you may understand, why I have underlined some words in the preceeding sentence.

The following cat is patient and lets the turtle crawl around. But at the end the turtle is
annoyed and bites the cat painfully.

Lesson lerned in this case: Turtles are small but when they hit you, they hit you hard!


Although turtles seem to be nice, they can hurt bad as these videos about animals have shown! And there are also tales about turtles biting off fingers of men trying to feed or pet them. I, myself, have already been convinced of the turtles’ beak power early in school when a colleague gave his turtle a wooden stick with approx 1cm diameter to play. That little turtle instantly has crushed the stick into two pieces without any great effort. So you can only guess how strong they can bite you. Probably something you wouldn’t witness for real!


Also turtles can become victims of even bigger animals. In this case an allgator caught a turtle!

Warning! This video has graphic content and may be unsuitable for younger viewers!
Only proceed with playback if you really intend to and make sure that no one in your audience might be irritated to see these pictures!

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