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When FullHD meets smartphone

When we speak of superlatives about displays, the iPhone is no longer the
number one as other smartphone manufacturers have already brought out
devices which support FullHD on their screen (1920×1080). The first ones
came with a 5″ display, the new HTC one shrinks to 4.7″.

So when we speak of native numbers, the value “ppi” might be a common term to most of us. For the HTC One, this number raises up to 469ppi which is a fantastic value right now and unmatched. Also the other specs read fine: 1.7GHz, LTE Worldband, 32GB memory, aluminum Unibody, Gorilla Glass cover, Ultrapixel 4MP camera, 26h GSM speak time, 16h UMTS speak time, 20d standby time, 2300mAh battery pack…

So what are the downsides of this device?

For one major thing, there’s the limited memory. No SDXC card slot makes the phone not expandable. so you’re stuck with 32GB – proven fact!

The other thing is the built-in battery pack. A trend, other manufacturers are also slowly following. Although I also hat e this idea, I must admit, that my iPhone 4, which has now 2 years on it’s shoulders, still works fine and believe me, that little fella’s being used a lot by me and asking for juice almost every day! I guess, the battery packs also get better by time as the manufacturers are all aware of the bad reputation, a short-lifespan-battery inherits.

Oh! Wait! What do we have here? A measly 4MP camera? Is HTC serious? But hold in, before you start shitstorming HTC now: The 4MP are of the Ultrapixel generation and thus are larger and allowing better pictures even in the dark. The same process is also applied to digital cameras these days. While xxMP diesn’t sell anymore and more pixels on the same-sized CCD mean more noise on pictures, a redurction of the pixel count and enlarging the receptional pixels give a good basis for sharp, clean pictures even when using flashlight or trying to make photos in environments where light is sparse.

The speak times and standby times aren’t yet confirmed but if HTC can keep it’s promises on this device, the HTC one might be the new shooting star. And with the aluminum body it gets some sexy touch also. But as the new device will be available only at the end of March 2013 in Europe, there’s yet no hands-on test.

Can HTC clean up all mistakes, the last-generation phones have made? Will Sense 5.0 (the custom UI on Android 4.2) give the perfect control to the users without loosing the classic focus, Android has? We’ll see!

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