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How’s C&C Generals going?

A long time we didn’t hear anything about C&C Generals. The last part came
out in 2003 – 10 years ago. So of course most of us are dazzled to see what’s
ahead. Now EA has released the first HD screenshot of the upcoming C&C
Generals title which will also be Free 2 Play. And it looks great!

So while we’re waitng for the game, this is the official statement from EA:

10 years ago, EA released with C&C Generals something new to the beloved franchise every RTS fan knows. A lot of things changed during those 10 years – But the strong Command & Conquer Community has always supported the C&C franchise. We want to take the 10th anniversary of C&C Generals not just as a reason to celebrate, but also to thank our Community from around the world.

Our Thank you gift is a world exclusive – The first HD ingame Screenshot of the new Command & Conquer, featuring the GLA army! While the press still has to wait for their screenshots, you – The Fans – can already enjoy the first look at the new GLA!

Looks fine so far… makes appetite for more!

This really looks appealing! In Q2 2013 EA is planning to set the BETA online…

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  • Captain says:

    Looks good. 2013th must-have!

    Posted on February 18th, 2013 at 09:55 Reply | Quote

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