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RIM about to release the new Q10 & Z10

Long time it did not work out well for RIM according to the last smartphone
sales. However the new Z10 smartphone with the new Blackberry OS 10 is a
highly anticipated device. Now it seems as if the new gadget will be available
soon. But how does the new smartphone perform. Can it outwit the iPhone?

Also the Q10, the successor to the 9900 Bold, offering a keyboard, is being also on the starting blocks. Especially the Z10 might be the smartphone of choice if it comes to design, elegance and the famous stability and security offered from RIM devices in the past.

But will the smartphone be a success or finally end the era “RIM”? All signs point to “RIM is back on the market” and when looking at the Z10, this might be true.

The prices have also been spotted: 699 CHF for the Z10 and 599 CHF for the Q10 have been listed in some shops for pre-order. The smartphones will become available at the end of February 2013

Here’s the official presentation video from RIM:

[flv width=”640″ height=”382″][/flv]

What will be your next smartphone?

What will be your next smartphone?

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