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Hooray… Chrome 24 is on the go! *sigh*

So Chrome goes into the 24th round now. While in earlier times, the minor
number has changed even it the list of improvements was long, it seems that
the trend tends to changing the major release instead. If you think, IE10 or
Opera 12 are now grampys in the browser world, you’re wrong!

Each software company follows it’s own rules for releasing new software titles using a version numbering.

While Microsoft never has used minor release numbering but more named it simply SP1, SP2, Opera used minor versioning. Mozilla seems to use minor numbering also but does not do that often. It follows the footsteps of Chrome, which is, as already mentionned, in it’s 24th release.

I still do not see the idea why to use major versioning only when announcing a new version of the software which has not much improvements to the older version.

The list of Chrome 24’s improvements over version 23 thus is short:

  • Using MathML, Chome is now able to handle mathematical formulas and show them correctly in their mathematical term.
  • A new HTML5 item is available now: The date/time picker can now be filled with predefined values using a datalist.
  • 25 critical security issues have been solved.
  • java Script Engine V8 (version 3.15) is supposed to execute scripts 30% faster

Users of Android 4.0 are also available to download the beta from Google Play store. This is new with Version 24 of Chrome!

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