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Munich, here I am! Again!

Time to spend a weekend in Munich again, with my friends. So it’s again the
good ol’ train that will rock me there in 6 hours. Hopefully! But my fears
were without a reason. The travel worked fine. Going from Bern to Basel
Departing in time from there… had a 6 minutes Delay in Freiburg…

and I thought, in Mannheim I’d again see my train drive away when my train arrives. But no, this train conductor remembered how an old ICE1 can bring in some lost time when you know how to operate it and what it’s limits are.

So let’s remember back to 1989 when the DB has announced the new ICE with big media and advertising campaigns. Let alone a pocketbook explainig the train in detail. Fascinating technology in that time tho the TGV in France had it’s debute in 1981 reaching a theoretical Vmax speed of 380 km/h while the ICE1 ends at a Vmax of 280 km/h.

Okay. Some basics we have now. So we started off with 6 minutes of delay from Freiburg to Baden-Baden. This part of the line is ready for high-speed and the newer ICE2/ICE3 regularly tickles the 300 km/h border there. We speak of around 120km of tracks to rush over. Yet the train manages to shove over this distance in less than half an hour. So when I noticed that the train is delayed I wondered if the train could go faster. And when we rushed thru the tunnels, I noticed the train sound faster than usual. A quick view onto the speed display then revealed what I’ve already noticed. The ICE1 was running at it’s Vmax – 280km/h – Though the trains are more than 20 years old, the trains still can do it. And believe it or not: We arrived in time at Mannheim. 14 minutes to switch trains… and to get something to eat.

The rest of the travel was plain standard. Everything went well though. And with 2 ICE3 involved (switch trains in Mannheim and Stuttgart), this is sort of a miracle.

So the Deutsche Bahn can be in time if they want to – and have train conductors aboard who know what their trains can handle.

Oh… before I forget to mention: Switzerland only has the classic ICE1 ontrack. maybe the SBB knows what gems the ICE1 are and thus is purchasing them for their parade line between Berlin-Hauptbahnhof and Interlaken Ost which are over 1’000km in length. This line goes three times a day. Fascinating… indeed!

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