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Diablo 3 – 1.04 and WoW:MoP Pre-Patch

It seems as if today it’s a big patch day acoming to all players of
Diablo III and WoW. Blizzard updates Diablo III to Patch 1.04
and WoW is being prepared for MoP. Especially the WoW-Patch
may become larger as lots of things are changed.

I can’t tell, what exactly is changed as I don’t have access to my WoW account nor any reliable source for Patchnotes.

Only these bits seem to be equal: WoW will be “enhanced with the new talent system and some other fine tunes. And it’s said that the game data of MoP is already being shoveled onto your harddisk.

Diablo III will receive some updates in the UI, gameplay and will also be a bit weakened on Inferno as most of the players (including me) seem to be stuck at Act II Inferno due to some hefty champion groups and/or big bosses.

I’ll post News as soon as I can get hands on my home net again.

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