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Google fined for data security violation

Google got fined $22.5 million for repeatedly violating the privacy policy
concerning user data. The fine has mainly been spoken for using cookies in the
mobile browsers of iPhone, iPad and android devices. The main problem was
that no usr confirmation for the cookies was needed.

Although the fine seems rather low and being earned back within one day if you check Google’s net income for last year ($2.8 billion) the main problem is the image loss for violating the user’s privay. The mission of Google to fully save the user privacy now seems nothing more than a big farce.

Google however stated that no private data has been ever collected and sees no guilt in this upon request. In July Google stated that it uses the highest possible prviacy standards to date and with Safari, no private data has ever been collected.

The fine is in detail not for directly violating the privacy policy but more the fact that Gogle did not state things right. In 2011, Google signed a contract that, among other things, provides clear statements about privacy and customer safety according to private data.

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