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Rough times for Facebook

Seems as if the next big fish in the Web is going to show the red card to face-
book. The webpages from the german soccer club “FC Bayern München” are
loaded 120 million times a month. There are also facebook-based fansites
however the advertising income isn’t flowing to the club’s finances.

Time for the club to start their own social network. 3 million fans should help the club to fulfill it’s Task. With the registration of the domain “” the first step is done. Currently there is no content yet. But it’s only a matter of time until that landing page may be accessible.

It seems as if FC Bayern does want to get a piece of the giant ad cake and make profit of it. And with that big member base it should not be too hard to do likewise. However Facebook might try to stop the club from succeding. This huge loss of members isn’t small… even for facebook.

There’s only one question left: How much money has been spent for that and how is the club coping with the initial losses that are unavoidable?

On March, 28th, we will know more because that’s the time when the community page shall get available to the public.

One thing is for sure: The club is going to market the user data and gain as much profit as possible. Although the users may not be forced to use real names, their e-mail addresses may be sold to mass-maillers who spam the inboxes of the users. Money doesn’t grow on trees and mice are best caught with free cheese…

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