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Foxconn stops production

Definitely no good time for Foxconn at the
moment. The coronavirus seems to have im-
pacted all major companies in China and
forces them to a standstill due to infection risk.

It’s not common that big companies shut down production for such a long time but due to the actual occurrences of the coronavirus it seems that it might be a wiser idea to shut down production than to allow the coronavirus to spread and infect much more people.

By now (Feb 9th, 2020), there are 40.000 infections reported of which 900 ended with death. (Source: nCov Counter)

It is said that the shutdown might be till February 15th, 2020 or when local authorities declare that the work can be resumed without any further risk of large-area infections.

Especially in large production sites with hospitality for the workers an outbreak can be fatal. As Foxconn hosts about 800.000 workers, there might be a big risk to have the virus spread there.

Other companies have also announced to close down their facilities until the main wave of infections has stopped. Most companies also agreed to have their stores/shops/facilities closed until February 15th, 2020.

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