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10 years iPad!

Can you believe it? The iPad is 10 years old if we take a look
back at the original iPad that has been officially shown by
Apple on January 26th, 2009. By then hardly anybody thought,
the iPad would be a success story of it’s own next to the iPhone.

Let’s have a look at the original iPad of 2009:

It’s clunky design would not fit into today’s Apple design line but was
revolutionary in 2009

The iPad 2 had a much sleeker design and came out in 2011.
Not even was it slimmer but it also had a faster CPU.

The iPad 3 came out im 2012 and also set a new display standard.
It had no longer a 1024×768 resolution, it had a 2048×1536 resolution (Retina)

The iPad 4 was just half a year later released and brought 3G as well as 5GHz WLAN
The design however was unaltered. Only the bigger antenna part made it identifiable
as the iPad 4th gen.

The iPad 5 was the initial model that also made the way for the iPad Air name.
Till today (iPad 6 and 7) this design is kept for the mainstream iPad.


The iPad Pro was the answer to Microsoft’s Surface and Samsung’s 10-inch tablets
But with it’s massive CPU power it outwitted the mentioned competitors in 2015. the iPad Pro of 2018 has a monolithic style and it’s rounded-corner display is iconic
for the new iPad Pro line. In 2018 an A12X-powered version with up to 1TB of
storange an 6GB of RAM was released and is the top-of-the-line model till today.

Interesting to see that the iPad Pro of 2018 has a similar design as the iPad 1 but without the bulge on the back. the backside is flat however the camera is still exposed a little. It is similar to the iPhone 7 and newer models where the camera also is exposed a little due to it’s design. Otherwise you would not be able to achieve such good aperture factors.

In 2020 there might be even an A13X-powered version of the iPad Pro which again would set new speed records although the 2018 model already can compete with modern Core i5 ULV processors!

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