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So that’s 2012 now…

After a real fancy night out. I am back to the business and keep this place busy as always.
Hope you all have enjoyed New Year’s Eve and slipped into 2012 without any problems.
My “night” ended at 06:30 and gave me the chance to get home with the public
transportation service and not by taxi (which is awfully expensive in Switzerland!)

My favourite clubs have had open till 6a.m. and the party was great. Luckily I have not taken too much alcohol what gave me the good feeling to wake up without headache.

Although the night was quiet, there seemed to have been some local brawlings around in town based upon too much alcohol. Especially younger people were part of these. Seems they don’t know when to stop drinking and think that brawling is the only answer then. Mostly it inflicts innocent people.


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