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The CES and new IoT gadgets

The CES is fully running till January 9th and there are
already a number of questionable IoT gadgets out there.
For example the toilet and shower head with integrated
Alexa connectivity built by Kohler (a U.S. brand).

So while we think that such gadgets aren’t something we would use in our most private environment (namely the toilet), the need for such gadgets in the USA seems given. However we ask ourselves what you could do with a toilet using Alexa… maybe ordering toilet paper when it’s about to run out? And the shower head? Okay, maybe for music to play then. But tbh… one should be able to switch on music before hitting the shower and buying toilet paper without the help of Alexa should also be possible…

But there are also interesting accessoires for your home or entertainment like the almost frameless Samsung TV lineup:




Of course this TV comes with full 8K resolution making it ready for upcoming HD material.

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