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Boeing halts production of 737MAX

It has been no good time for Boeing lately
especially with the 737MAX grounding due
to two plane crashes of that type causing
346 people to lose their lives.

Over 400 planes already built had to be parked in every free slot available to Boeing has the delivery has been halted until the problems with the 737MAX have been fully eradicated and the FAA declares the 737MAX safe for operation again.

Until then, every plane of that type being in possession of the flight companies such as Lufthansa, American Airways and others who have this type in their portfolio won’t be allowed to take off and had to be parked somewhere.

This is a huge loss to these companies but also to Boeing and the U.S. economy.

Boeing has had expectations to get flight permission for the 737MAX before the end of 2019. This, however, now seems unrealistic.

Boeing stated this Monday that the production of the 737MAX will be halted completely until it’s foreseeable that the type will be allowed for flights again. There will be no layoffs due to this production halt for now and the employees will be kept to do work related to the 737MAX. Also Boeing stated that the production halt of the 737MAX is also the best solution for Boeing’s suppliers.

The main reason for the 737MAX grounding is the MCAS that was the reason for both plane crashes. As per today MCAS of the 737MAX still has no approval of the FAA.

This grounding has impact on the flight schedules worldwide as the 737MAX is the bestseller of Boeing.

And as we speak of that, also the U.S. economy is sensing the impact heavily.

Flights have to be cancelled and the annual revenue of Boeing isn’t going well either with all the lawsuit risks and millions of costs caused for various reasons of the grounding.

One can only hope that Boeing ahs learned it’s lessons and won’t let such a tragedy happen again. But also Airbus should carefully quality-control their aircraft types. Airbus has recently announced the complete halt of the A380 production. So we won’t see any brand new Jumbo from Airbus no more!

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