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VW to build E-bus fleet for Qatar 2022

When it comes to autonomous driving, e-cars are first choice.
The Tesla has been the first e-car to offer semi-autonomous
driving using complex camera technology. But Tesla isn’t alone
when it comes to consideration of going autonomous driving.

So it’s no surprise that VW is one of the equipment delivering companies to provide transportation using autonomous vehicles.

The “Qatar Mobility” called project is supposed to reduce the normal individual traffic and reduce traffic load on the road in general while still being able to transport masses of visitors of the Qatar Soccer World Championship to the designated locations. If the test with the Qatar Soccer World Championship is successful and promising, the project will be operated even after the championship taking place.

The common goal for VW, Scania as well as MOIA and their subsidiary AID (Autonomous Intelligent Driving) from Munich is to provide an emission-free and efficient public transportation system for the closer perimeter of Doha.

For this, VW will provide 35 E-Bully I.D. Buzz, based on the similar car concept of the legendary VW “Bully” which has been a lifestyle icon in the 60’s and 70’s.

Scania will provide 10 buses of their E-buses for more than 4 people to transport at once as the E-Bully I.D. Buzz will only provide space for 4 passengers.

And now the question about the autonomy of these vehicles. They will be at Level 4 (Autonomous with Assistance driver) meaning that there will be always a driver in the car to interact with the autonomous system if it does not estimate a dangerous situation correctly.

So while we speak of autonomous driving here, the truth is that the autonomy is still more “semi-autonomous” than full autonomous. Yet the idea and concept are remarkable!


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