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No win in lottery!

Imagine this… you’re playing the lottery
for 16 years and in the moment of your luck
you’re denied your win for some quite doubtful
reason. This man has witnessed it now!

71 year old Reiner H. from Frankfurt (Main) has played the lottery 6 of 49 every weekend for 16 years now. And it just happened for him that he hit the jackpot by getting all 6 numbers. However he played a system ticket where he doesn’t get the full jackpot but only the part his lottery slip is designated for.

How happy could one be to hit the jackpot after such a long loyal playing time.

But if you think, this is a happy storry, then you’re wrong!

Just as he was about to redeem his winnings, the lottery company behind the lottery told him that he is not eligible for the winnings as he is not allowed to play lottery slips when being a lottery shop owner.

The lottery company hides behind a law stating that in order to prevent gambling addiction, lottery shop owners are not allowed to play the lottery.

Interesting fact… yet they took his money for 16 years and they didn’t know he was a lottery shop owner back then?

To us this is a fishy excuse because as the law had existed since 2008, then they should have told him to the time that paragraph was put effective and not then when it comes to a payout! so for 11 years they found it right to accept his lottery participation and the money paid by him. But just as it happes for him to win part of the jackpot then they say “Umm, sorry you’re not eligible to play the lottery and we have to enforce the law and it’s paragraphs”

In the meantime the lottery company paid him back the money for the lottery slip which was a mere 36.25 Euros. About 1:500th of what he would have made with the lottery slip!

If that is no shameless scam then what is it?

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