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Netflix rises prices… AGAIN!

Netflix already got more expensive in the USA. Meanwhile
the prices in Europe have been risen as well. But just six
months later, Netflix rises prices again. Netflix states that
the higher prices result from a lot more investments…

So how does Netflix alter prices and whom does this affect?

Netflix is rising prices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Once again after the last price alteration just half a year ago!

The basic account still resides at 7.99€ / 11.90 CHF, the HD account will cost 11.99 € / 16.90 CHF and the HD+ account will be at 15.99€ / 21.90 CHF

The Old prices were 7.99€ / 11.90 CHF (+0%), 10.99€ / 15.90 CHF (+9%) and 13.99€ / 19.90 CHF (+15%)

So the higher account tiers will rise about 10% in monthly costs while the SD account resides at it’s current level.

This might really annoy loyal Netflix fans who stream in FHD/4K and the fact that Apple TV+ is just around the corner, will lead to some reconsidering among all Netflix users if the future competitors offer more for less. And if so, Netflix will most likely loose some paying viewers!

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