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Intel again: Knights Corner is coming!

Today, Intel has shown a first mockup of the new Knights Corner processor.
The processor is not like other processors but rather to see as a co-processor
that shall assist exisiting XEON-Processors in multithreaded computing. With
50 and more cores on one die, each rated at 1 to 1.2 GHz, the co-processor…

is the first 1-chip-solution to reach the 1 TFLOPS. The processor can be seen as a sort of GPGPU. And first shown samples of the Larrabee processor had a similar packaging  to graphics cards. Coincidence or calculated plnning. One never knows.

Here are pics of the architecture and the CPU packaging:

And here’s a packaging shot of Knight’s Ferry. The earlier release of the opper processor. Impressive stats though!

So what will our newset processors look a-like? Like a graphics card? Will the classic Multicore Processor die out? Let’s see what the next few years bring. The architecture change is already performing, as AMD has proven with it’s newest Bulldozer processors.

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