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Quantum cryptography established!

In Austria a team of four scientists have managed to
communicate with each other over a fully encrypted
channel using Quantum cryptography. This might be
the first step into the next-step secure communication

Their publication has been submitted to the british science journal Nature Paywall where they
have presented their network architecture.

They also state that he expansion of the network is fairly easy allowing to add multiple people or network nodes for communication amongst each other with total encryption. As the quantum parts can be split and sent over a far distance and then re-aligned again maintaining the same consistence as they had before, the important part is that during the transfer process they have an undefined consistence which means one quantum part without the other is totally worthless yet hard to filter. And even if they get realigned using different consistences, the other counterpart can re-adapt to the one quantum part and restore it’s origin consistence.

In this way, it is possible to produce bugproof transmitter and receiver keys. Since only single light particles (photons) are exchanged for this purpose, the key can not be intercepted – because according to the laws of quantum physics, it is impossible to copy the quantum state of a single light particle without error. Therefore, an eavesdropper can not obscure his presence and would betray himself immediately. The encrypted message is then exchanged in the classical way.

So far, in this way, according to the scientists mostly only two participants could be connected with a guaranteed tap-proof line. Other connections are complicated, error-prone and subject to communication restrictions. The team now supplied four subscribers from a central source with entangled photons, so that all four could create and use cryptographic keys together for secure communication.

Sören Wengerowsky, first author of the study, describes the next steps of the experiment:

The photon pairs are generated as in a rainbow, which allows us to distribute them unambiguously among the participants. Each participant then makes a measurement of the polarization of their photon.

Rupert Ursin of the Astrian Academy of Sciences says:

A significant adantage of this architecture is it’s flexibility! We’re now able to integrate new communication partners into the Quanum network with only minimal interception. This prooves that Quantom networks can become real – for everyone!

In the future, it will be possible to set up such comprehensive networks that all users, even over long distances, will be able to communicate with each other without the risk of eavesdropping. This is a prerequisite for the development of a quantum Internet. In further experiments, the researchers now aim to demonstrate the expandability of the new quantum network architecture. In the global race to develop a quantum Internet, at least one thing is clear: Alice and Bob will soon be able to network.

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