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Back to the everyday life…

So, this is the sunday post of me realizing that Rosiv is back in Munich again. Strange but yet
normal: You really miss good friends when they return to their home. Knowing that it will
take some months until you see them again. Well, the weekend was a real nice change to the
average days and discovering some Geocaches also made some fun although we didn’t…

…find all caches, Rosiv had access to on his GPS tracker. Nevermind. When he’s back at Bern and the weather clearly warmer then we’ll go for the large nightcache. Time to get all the requisites such as good shoes and other necessary stuff before.

Thank you for the great time, pal!

I hope your travel home was relaxing and not that stressful.

Besides: Do you know that we know each other for 20 years now?

Gheez… how time has passed by! But yet I can still remember the many pranks we did on others in Albertinum!

See you soon again!

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