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Drunken ship crew hit nuclear submarine

Maybe funny, maybe not. But this one just came into my mailbox sent by one of my
best friends. (Thanks Christopher for this one!). It seems as the crew of a fishing ship
was so drunken that they didn’t notice the submarine being at surface firing
signal rockets. The reason why the ship has hit the submarine without slowing…

down, is quickly explained. The crew and his captain were not on the bridge but downstairs having a rather liquid party. Thus they did not see the vessel nor did the captain act on the radar signals that were sent to the ship’s radio system. The accident happened in the near of the peninsula of Kamtschatka.

Although russian submarines are meant to last forever due to their real sturdy build, it is still frightening what could probably happen if the submarine would have been sunken. A ship can be able to slice the hull of the submarine easily if the angle and speed is correct and the material the ship is made of is sturdy enough also… so I guess the crew on the submarine just had great luck that the fishing ship was rather a nutshell and not a real heavy vessel that could have done more damage…

The russian navy is investigationg this accident. maybe this all will not be much of a desaster and they will later say to each other: Зa ваше здоровье! (spoken as [sa wasche sdarow’je] ) and take one or two for mother russia…

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