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Welcome to Netspark’s Blog

Welcome to my blog, my homepage where I share my thoughts, ideas and found stuff with you.

You are here because you are a first time visitor.

So let me give a short introduction to this blog to make your stay as pleasant and entertaining as possible.

Please take the time to read this little guide. It’ll only show up every 180 days (or when you delete cookies from your browser)


What will I find here?

You will find information about new technology stuff here. Also there’s some fun stuff online in the form of some videos but also other video media that is being placed here I think might be worthful sharing. If viewer’s discretion is advised, the video is hidden behind a button and allows you to uncover the video once you are sure no person possibly not ready to watch it is behind you.

Another parts are news from all ower the workd that’s reflecting the thoughts that run through my head all day long. They might be interesting or not. The choice is yours.

And last but not least there are also some microsites with own projects I am working on so check them out as well.


There are so many posts already…

Yes, over 1000 posts have been put online since this blog started in 2011. but fortunately there’s a powerful search function that allows you to search for specific content (if available!)

Other than that you can either use the word cloud to highlight all posts that deal with the clicked word or you can use category filtering to narrow down the results. And last but not least there’s an archive that lets you travel back in time and read about the things that happened back then.


…and at some time there’s nothing at all!

Yes, I had a creativity break and in that time I haven’t posted on my blog at all. Then there was a massive rework of the blog assembling all back to one piece so that finding stuff or reading articles becomes more pleasant. Since July, 2018 I am trying to post everyday again (if there’s stuff to post about, that is!). As our team has gut some members, we’re happy to say that we’re trying to publish news every day. Some posts are pre-written and scheduled for release but in the past we’ve noticed problems with the publishing mechanism so that posts might not appear on time. They’re not lost and as soon as one of our members sees a post still in queue, it is being submitted instantly.


Some videos appear offline…

Whoops? Although I have checked all posts I might have overlooked a video here and there that is externally hosted and has been taken offline by now. Most videos are hosted here and thus should be always online for your viewing pleasure. If you find a video that doesn’t work, let me know by using the contact form and report the post ID or send in the complete URL to the post so that I can re-check it.


…and some are down due to copyright issues!

If a video is no longer available or had to be taken down for copyright issues then a placeholder will be set instead notifying you why the video has been taken down. I am sorry but if someone claims copyright and does not want the video to be shown here, then it’ll be done likewise.


Do you earn money with your blog?

No! This blog is a hobby and non-profit. So what you see here is never sponsored nor do I ever see money from clicks on posts or whatever.


But you have a banner (all-inkl)!

Yes, this is the only ad that is placed here, if you can consider a tiny banner an ad at all. Let me assure you that I hate ads on homepages as well so this blog will stay ad-free as long as it exists. Other pages do earn money with what they show and thus try to raise the earnings by using a whole bunch of annoying ads all over the content.

You won’t find any such annoying ads here as I, myself, hate such conent-interrupting ads.

The reason why I have the banner from All-Inkl online is, that this webhoster offers a very good service for a reasonable fee that allows me to bring you the content without putting up ads all over the blog. But if you consider opening a webspace for yourself and are in need of a reliable hoster (All-Inkl is in Germany but can be ordered from Austria, Spain and Switzerland as well!) then All-Inkl might be your choice. And the click on the banner in combination with an order will give me some credits and in the end you’re profiting from it again. A classic win-win situation.


The page works sluggish!

Yes, the page is a little heavyweight. This is due to the bunch of add-ons the blog is using and also the custom fontface asks for some more data to be transferred. But at the end this blog looks as intended and offers great usability. Please give it some time to digest all the stuff that’s loaded in the back.


Do you care about privacy?

Yes, privacy is a big concern nowadays and thus this blog is not trying to gather too much information about you. Some cookies are set to remember your visit (for instance this First Visit Page also uses a cookie to remeber your visit for 180 days). But to make absolutely sure you might want to use tools like CCleaner and your browser’s internal cookie-removing feature if you want to be sure. But remember: Many comfort functions here rely on the information stored in cookies. You delete the cookies and you loose all comfor functions (such as eased Login or Hide Notifications).


Your page does not have SSL!

This is no longer given as of August 8, 2020 this site has been equipped with SSL encryption. If your browser still shows this blog as unencrypted (normal http prefix), then please empty the cache of your browser and reload this site using the following address: 


I have ideas or suggestions!

Feel free to share your ideas or suggestions using the contact form. I will read them and if manageable, then your Idea might find it’s place here.


I’d like to contribute to this blog!

At the moment we’re not looking for more staff to contribute to this blog. We’re already a handful of ambitious writers here to publish stuff from every aspect of what today’s news have to offer and select the stuff out of it what we think might be interesting or entertaining. Please be aware that we’re no regular news portal as you might expect it even if there are almost daily publishes.


Okay, got it, pal! Let me in!

Here you go:

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