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Seagate releases 14TB HDD

When a lot of HDD space is needed, SSDs still are too expensive
albeit they offer trememndous speeds for data handling. Yet an
SSD would make out a good data archive as SSDs don’t like a
lot of writing but can be read hundreds of thousands times.

But where you pay about 1400 US$ for a good 4TB storage based on SSD, this 14TB monstrosity comes in for a mere 600US$.

Although HDDs are subject to low sppeds when reading or writing data, this HDD offers up to 250MB/s both reading and writing. For an HDD these are very good results. However on IOPs, this drive suffers from the usual problems magnetic drives have. namely a maximum of 90 to 120 IOPs, which is the typical result for a mechanical drive.

But if it’s mostly large files you’re going to store on it, then you’ll be offeres the best bang for the buck.

Good read/write speeds and looooooots of space at a reasonable price make this drive a good solution for backup and archiving files.

The warranty is limited to three years, common for seagate consumer HDDs. If you need five years warranty, you should take a look at the IronWolf Pro drives that are also ready for 24/7 operation i.e. in a NAS.

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