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Nokia kills SymbianOS and Meego

nokiaNokia more and more combines with Microsoft. Another big indicator
for this is the closure of SymbianOS and Meego. While the step for Meego
is somehow understandable (the N9 is the last phone using Meego!), the
closure of SymbianOS is a bit odd since all LowCost-Nokias use it!

So this consequent step to shut down Support and App integration and lifecycle update on January 1st, 2014 partly logic but partly not understandable. Is Nokia about to drop the Lowcost-cellphone section completely and consolidating their power now on Microsoft-OS-based smartphones and tablets only?

Although the trend of todays  mobiles indicate that smartphones are more and more taking over the phone market, there are still numerous people who still want plain, yet understandable cellphones with basic functions. Nokia has filled exactly this part well when it comes to prepaid call packages with a phone for less than 30 US$.

The pressure is high when you see that Samsung is also flooding the lowcost-sector with low-cost touchscreen smartphones. But not everyone is willing to trade the good ol’ keypad with a touchscreen.

As there are no concrete news about wwhat will happen to the lowcost sector of Nokia, one can only speculate what will happen in Q1 2014.

But one thing is for sure: A longlasting yet reliable era of cell phones is going down!

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