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Back to Bern, back to work…

So that’s it! Time to take the train back to Bern, time to get back to work and time
to wait another 365 days to celebrate with Pianoman. Now it’s time to face the
“enemy”, called Deutsche Bahn, again and hopefully coming home in time. But I
am confident that everything will go well as this train is operated by the SBB…

The party was great and all the people were great! Had a cool weekend wand didn’t regret any minute of this weekend! Thanks fly out to all people who let me have this cool weekend!

So now six hours to be back in Bern and crawl into my bed and get up for Work again tomorrow.

The weather’s all gray and not very inviting. But as long as it stays dry… who cares…

Update: Just a few kilometres after St.Gallen, a small thunderstorm let down heavy rain and instantly there was blue sky again. Perfect conditions for a rainbow…

Update 2:
The train arrived Zurich central station in time (no delay!!) – Hello DB, did you watch? That’s service to the customer!

Update 3:
I am in Bern now and it’s raining… AGAIN! I hate ugly weather… Did I already mention that? No? Okay, then I do now!

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