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There we go: SmartCover solely from Apple!

Seems as if Apple had it with all these Copycats who copy ideas off others. In
this case, the SmartCover for the iPad is affected, as Apple has successfully
filed the patent for it (registered: 17.09.2010). So for all those manufacturers
like Generic, the air is getting thinner. A new wave of lawsuits coming up?

Nobody knows for sure but Apple hasn’t been very graceful when it comes to design questions. the later lawsuits against Samsung and it’s GalaxyTab are only one prominent example for this. Psystar, who offered Apple-macPro-shaped cases for normal PC users were another chapter. Apple dragged Psystar to the courthouse and the final verdict forced Psystar into insolvency. The likewise-shaped cases vanished from the market and the Aluminum-Case with the characteristic Mesh design is an Apple-only feature again.

But not only Generic is affected from this now. There are numerous accessoire manufacturers who brought out SmartCover-similar hulls for the other tablets as well. So these may also be forced to drag their products from the market in order not to collide with Apple’s rights to have the sole right to sell it’s SmartCover that’s also solely compatible with the iPad!

So back to the strange, icky and ugly hulls/sleeves you put your tablet into (if it is not an iPad, of course!).

Not, that I generally hate patents that protect ideas but in this case it’s just a semi-hull, for a tablet. Nothing special if you woll. The only thing that I would Apple grant the patent for is the neodym magnet clip which affixes the SmartCover to the iPad and the other small magnet, which switches the iPad on and of upon contact or not (magnetic switch). The cover itself is nothing special as it consists of 4 equal segments which you can fold into a  triangle with one stabilized side.

Well… seems, it’ll be some work for some lawyers to do in order to clear this case. And I fear that’ll be again FOR Apple. Another monopoly to come up… *sigh*

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