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The world’s most steep rollercoaster…

…can be now found in the Fuji Q theme park in in Fujiyoshida,
Yamanashi, Japan. With it’s astonishing 121 degress drop, you’re
short-term bit overhead rushing down from ~57 metres and
approaching the rest of the coaster with a speed of approx 100 km/h (65mph)!

It ain’t the highest, longest nor fastest rollercoaster in the world but it is for now the steepest!

To give you an overview who holds the records in the other disciplines…

The fastest: Formula Rossa, Ferrari World, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Top speed: 240 km/h (150mph)!
The tallest: Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, United States Jackson, NJ, USA – Height: 139 m (456 ft.)
The longest: Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land, Japan Kuwana, Mie, Japan – Length: 2479 m (8133 ft.)

Would you dare to ride this beast?

Watch the video and decide for yourself!
I, myself, would probably give it a try…

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