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The Costa Concordia – swimming town.

As time goes by, even transportation advances. Faster, bigger, more luxurious.
That’s what the transportation is aiming for. The Costa Concordia, that has hit gound at
Giglio island, is one of the most modern luxury liners that have been built. Nearly one
billion dollars expensive, that ship was able to hold 6000 passengers and 2000 crewmen.

In the night of January 13th, the ship has hit an underwater rock that slit up and ripped a 60 metres long hole into the ship’s rump. it didn’t take long as the ship tilted sideways more and more. Luckily most passengers have been rescued. Although it is such a big ship, it can be a challenge to evacuate 6000 people in time. especially when the ship’s about to tilt and sink.

The question still is how the captain could oversee the giant rock formation. He claimed that it had not been on his map. The formation however has been mentionned on older maps aswell. So this excuse is just lame.

The blackbox will show up what has really happened.

There was even no alarm when the ship has grounded.

However in my opinion I still don’t think that I am going to be on such a big ship especially when you’re at the lower decks.


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