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Black Friday – nothing special!

Every fourth friday of November it is the same:
Shops paint their windows with stickers and sheets
presenting large percent denominations of rebates
on most or all products they offer.

But is it really a bargain as you can see in the windows? When you search the web for Black friday, you often see all those shiny rebate actions to make you spend your money for christmas presents.

But if you look between the lines of search results or advertised links, you also find sceptic online articles about the Black Friday being a scam. It seems most stores advertise the rebates and large percent numbers using the MSRP. but if you compare online shops and using price search agents, you mostly will find that these rebates are way WAY less of what is advertised. Often the rebates are 10% and smaller.

And still people are flooding malls, figting for reduced articles (even with violence) just to make a “bargain”.

And if this wasn’t enough, there’s even more: The Cyber Monday is again urging people to let their money in the stores.

It is THE shopping event in the USA and the two days that set the fiscal records of those shops back into the black zone (positive palance).

However I do not participate in such events as I think “Why spend money, if not necessary?” and christmas is still 1 month ahead. I prefer doing christmas presents shopping a few days before christmas. There are enough occasions to do likewise.

So for now let all those spend their dough now on sparse savings and few weeks later there are new occasions to save money and find some cool christmas presents.

What do you think about Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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