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Viacom vs. YouTube

Wherever I am reading articles, it’s about lawsuits from company 1 vs company 2
Today it’s Viacom against YouTube (Google). Viacom had a lawsuit running
against YouTube for allowing broadcasts of unlicensed clips and music materials.
In 2007 Viacom filed for lawsuit agains YouTube. Since then the lawsuit has…

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April 5, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Turkeys are peaceful birds… NOT!

Turkeys are shy birds… indeed. However one bird, called the “Terrible Tim”
seems to have found a place to live in a domestic environment yet seems to
live the turkey habits such as “pecking-order” and the usual wildlife habits,
turkeys tend to have when in a wildlife areal.

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The world’s most steep rollercoaster…

…can be now found in the Fuji Q theme park in in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan.
With it’s astonishing 121 degress drop, you’re short-term bit overhead rushing down from
~57 metres and approaching the rest of the coaster with a speed of approx 100 km/h (65mph)!

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Interesting optical illusion

Our eyes are subject to optical illusions.
Nothing new as there are famous people like M.C.Escher who made impressive optical
illusions like the neverending waterfall or the endless steps.

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Video of the day…

Russia is always known to have curious things… but when you expect a water tap to spend
water but instead “drinks” the water out of your glass, then you can say, it’s somewhat
strange. However I am not yet able to say what causes the tap to “drink” the water but I
think, there might be some check on the house’s water pipes and the guy is sitting floors

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June 15, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Funny stuff… for the friday!

To sweeten up the beginning of the weekend for all of you, I am presenting you another
funny video bit I discovered on YouTube.
If you take time to chop a tree in order to steal a bike, then, for heaven’s sake,
check, if you’re alone there and don’t do it when you’re being watched!!!

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