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How loud can people yell in a crowd?

videoA question, many people would answer with: “Loud enough” or “loud as a
pneumatic drill”. While the first expression cannot be clearly defined, the
second one is defined with 90 to 100 db (quite loud). But these days,
the fans of the Kansas Chiefs have set a new world record in crowdyelling.

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Doing a shit at 88 kmph?

movie-iconWhy not? Colin Furze has finalized what no other has done before. He
built the world’s fastest mobile toilet. Not a camper toilet. No, a real on!
Complete with toilet paper holder, an automatic water flush and paper
holder. 16 HP are accelerating the fast shitter to 88 kmph!

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When 1180kg steel & wheel learn to fly

The hunt for world records is always active. And Hot Wheels seems to see
the Guinness Book Of World Records as a good marketing instrument.
In this video, wou’ll witness the World record for a 4wheeled quad doing
a corkscrew spin using a specially slanted ramp.

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BEEEEEEEEEELCH! And the winner is…

Odd contests around the world? Yep, there are many of them. Cellphone
throwing, Caber tossing, Hotdog eating, water-drinking. Yes and even a
burp contest is available for your convenience. Well… most of them are
more of fun then a real challenge if properly regarded.

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A new speed world record with a CPU…

Was the old world record held by an intel core I7 processor overclocked to
6.5 GHz using liquid nitrogen, the new world record is now set up by an
overclocked brandnew AMD Bulldozer 8-core CPU (the 8150FX). The video
attached to this post will show the extreme workload to do.

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