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WoW:Mists of Pandaria PrePatch

Perhaps many of you have already noticed. Blizzardn started delivering another
big patch for WoW that is approximately 5GB in size. Its contents are not yet
known except that the Horde is to evict the Alliance from Theramore and the
new talent tree system is to be introduced which is most like the one in Diablo 3.

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August 10, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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WoW – Mists of Pandaria release date!

Long speculated, the release of the fifth addon of Word of Warcraft was
estimated for winter 2012, now Blizzard has announced the official release
date, which is September 25th, 2012! All fans are able to reserve their
digital Collectors Edition online for 50 EUR or 60 USD. The retail CE…

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World of Warcraft – A recall!

Today I am posting a FollowUp on Rosiv’s blog, where he wrote about his
experience. The reason why? because I started playing WoW thru him. Funny
Story anyways. Up to date I was not that keen on playing MMORPGs and
mostly played games such as SimCity 4, Diablo 2 and Command&Conquer.

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February 22, 2012Netspark 2 Comments »
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