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TGIF – Or: Why friday makes me smile

In fact this weekend’s special in Bern as the Berner Fasnacht has begun yesterday. The
traditional fair that changes the lower and upper old town of Bern into one party area
is every year. With Basel and Lucerne having the biggest “Fasnacht” carnival, Bern has
the third-biggest fasnacht Time to celebrate and go a little crazy then!

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The english Wikipedia is in fact offline!

According to the blog entry from yesterday (read here), Wikipedia has indeed
put Wikipedia into blackout. Where you would usually see the main page of
Wikipedia, there’s now a black page criticizing the new legislation about SOPA
copyright and the attempt to put the free internet “behind bars”.

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SOPA, USA, Copyright and Wikipedia

How do these words relate, you ask? Well… it sems as if the mayor members of
the  Copyright Association have finally decided to push thorugh the SOPA.
SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act and in this Act, there are several points
to censor the internet in many ways. Not only in the USA but worldwide!

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