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Spectacular video from vulcan Etna!

Italy’s most active vulcan Etna is active again. The vulcan is situated on Sicily and with
3.323m over sea level probably also the highest of Europe. The video shows a very
spectacular eruption again. Beautiful to look at but you don’t want to be there right
now if you’re not intended to be grilled…

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False parking… no big deal?!

Often seen, a big annoyance for residents of a certain area and flushes big simoleans into
the city’s funds. You might think: “What’s the big deal with false parking? It brings me to
a close spot for shopping, doing my busines, etc. and if they catch me, I pay a higher
parking fee…” – Well, for some others, the parked cars seem to be a very big issue.

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3D gaming – then and now!

I think most of my readers my remember the times when 3D Games became available
on PC. We all remembered the moments when our expensive 500 DM card have been
plugged into our PCs to be able to live 3D games ourselves. So how has 3D Gaming
changed within the past 15 years? these two videos should explain it well…

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The world’s most steep rollercoaster…

…can be now found in the Fuji Q theme park in in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan.
With it’s astonishing 121 degress drop, you’re short-term bit overhead rushing down from
~57 metres and approaching the rest of the coaster with a speed of approx 100 km/h (65mph)!

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Funny stuff you can do with an iPhone

iPhone here, iPhone there. Some people might say that it is boring to read about Apple’s
wonder device, being owned by more than 20 million people every day.
However one guy decided to put the device into his guitar while recording a video.
The results are somewhat astounding and baffling.

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A new lake discovered…

…in Zurich-Altstetten!
It appears that a rather big waterpipe has burst and spilt millins of liters of water into the
streets of Zurich. Yet impressive to look at, it also means big loss for insurance companies!

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