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Gadget-Check: Zoom H1 Stereo Mike

My attention can be easily attracted, when it comes to interesting gadgets. In
this case, the japanese company Zoom has to offer an interesting tool that acts
as mobile dictaphone, microphone and can also be used as home microphone
attached to the computer. Time to get me one of these while price is reduced.

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Ever wanted to see a device charging?

Of course there are devices who have a builtin charging status indicator.
But few to none have an indicator showing the actual power demand when
charging. In this case I am showing you a charging cable that not only
serves as a data cable but also shows the current flow into your device.

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Audio in the change of time

In early 1940’s first attempts to create Stereo sound have been made by Disney, the real
stereo sound has been attempted to broadcast in 1940’s too however with mediocre
success. The first really usable results came in 1969. In this time most music has been
recorded in true stereo and even movie theaters were able to show features in stereo.

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