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Funny stuff… for the friday!

To sweeten up the beginning of the weekend for all of you, I am presenting you another
funny video bit I discovered on YouTube.
If you take time to chop a tree in order to steal a bike, then, for heaven’s sake,
check, if you’re alone there and don’t do it when you’re being watched!!!

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Nintendo did it again… finally!

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed their new game console, called the Wii U,
to the public on the E3 in Los Angeles.
What will come to us looks outrageously promising:

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What modern life brought us to!

later today I stumbled upon another, rather disgusting picture in our local newspaper.
I thought, what the heck is this??? And I decided to read the linked blog…
What I’ve seen there was really disgusting and I only thought: Hopefully they’re not going
to bring such food to Europe…

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April’s fool? Are we 2 months late?

Reading my favourite computer tech site today, I stumbled over a really interesting article
that made me also think about the current world situation.
As wars are currently striking on Libya, Syria and some other african countries, the
following linked article made me really thinking and also brought up some uncomfyness!

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