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Aereo taken offline by Court order

AereoImageAereo, known as Online Stream Cloud service, allowed people
to watch TV shows via Cloud recording. Even timeshift was
possible which meant to advertisers loss of “customers” as
TV ads could easily be skipped by the touch of a button.

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2 undecillion US$

Al_Bundy_Weird2. US$ (= 2×10^36)
You may probably wonder about the big number followed by a dollar sign.
No, this isn’t the actual finacial debt of the USA. And no, this ain’t the
world’s total economic finance strength.

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USA, NSA and the Spying (Part 2)

NSASpyHere we go again, and it looks bad for Germany to process an Anti-Spy-Act
with the USA. Susan Rice has officially stated that the USA are NOT willing
to give a non-spying warranty in the future and thus create a precedence
case for other countries to demand such from the USA.

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Detroit has declared bankruptcy!

DollarStacksDetroit has hard financial times ahead. So hard, that Detroit has finally
applied for ordered bankruptcy according to Chapter 13 of the United
States bankruptcy code. This means, the city is undergoing an ordered
reorganization of the finances in order to get up to shape again.

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Nature can be spooky…

videoIf you see 20m tall trees vanishing then you make yourself think about
what made them vanish. In this video, some boaters are just filming a
tree group sinking into a giant sinkhole in Assumption Perish, Louisiana.
The sinkhole is the result of a hidden gas and oil reservoir below the lake.

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The USA and NSA – A parody

gif_64x64_d6a471The recent spying actions and scandals of the USA and NSA are drawing
their circles. Not only are several countries sort of pissed off being spied
on, no it is also the fact that Barack Obama is still defending the attitude
that it is perfectly okay to “monitor” allies’ operations and actions.

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iFixit goes Europe

IFixit_new_logo_bumpitiFixit has now found it’s way to Europe. This option now allows European
residents to order iFixit’s tools to repair devices like the ones from Apple
or common gadgets like gaming consoles and all the stuff. So you’ll no
longer have to worry about taxes and overseas mail.

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How loud can people yell in a crowd?

videoA question, many people would answer with: “Loud enough” or “loud as a
pneumatic drill”. While the first expression cannot be clearly defined, the
second one is defined with 90 to 100 db (quite loud). But these days,
the fans of the Kansas Chiefs have set a new world record in crowdyelling.

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Rien ne va plus – USA shuts down admins

USA_BrokeThe financial crisis over? For sure not. Although many indicators point
to a recreating economy, the USA has another black day in it’s history:
Last happening 1995 when Bill Clinton had to shut down administrative
services, the scenario has now happened again. 18 years later!

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USA, NSA, BND and Orwell!

mib_128Most people have denied the existence of total surveillance. George Orwell
has predicted it in the late 40’s when his novel 1984 was released. Just after
the public rumors that have been yielded due to Edward Snowden’s reveals
we really see ourselves confronted with Orwells perspectives nowadays.

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When 30US$ meat cost you 50 years jail…

Some people tend to collide with the U.S. government
in a harsh way. This guy for instance got a real hard penalty
as he has stolen prime ribs valued for 30 (thirty!) US$. Now
you may ask what lets the U.S. government judge so hard
for meat at this compared low value…

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When “Officers” loose their temper

movie-iconIt’s not often that you see officers let their fists speak prior to
using their gun. In this case, the “officer” was a short-tempered
woman who ordered the witnesses of an accident on a mall
ground not to take pictures or film the accident.

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The air is getting thin for Apple!

apple_logoOne may ask: Apple, quo vadis? Since Apple is harshly struggling with
the actual market’s demands and still barely holding the line (as the
stock share price of 436 US$ shows), Apple is now targeted by the IRS
for hiding billions of taxes from the U.S. government.

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And the freedom Tower is spiked!

videoToday, the building got it’s spire mounted and is again the tallest building in
New York since the Twin Towers collapsed on Sept 11, 2001. The building’s
height of exactly 1’776 feet is a tribute to the Independence Year of the USA. A
camera team has recorded the spectacular view from the lifted spire.

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May 15, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Net surveillance of U.S. Police without court order

mib_128It seems as if the spying on users in the USA is still ongoing and proceeding.
A confidential document has stated, that the FBI has scanned and read
E-Mails of suspected persons without prior notice. That is a severe breach
with privacy. The article is linked here.

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And Star Wars is reachable…

What sounds like a bad joke or a nerd watching too much SciFi series, is
the hard truth. A guided laser system (LaWS as the US Navy calls it) is able
to seek and destroy potential dangerous flying objects. Tested with a drone
the ship burnt the birdie down into the ocean.

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