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LG is watching you!

LGSpyWell For a very long time, TV sets were nothing more than an image
projector. Since TV sets nowadays have a computer built-in so they can
display entire online content and smart innovations like image
improvement, their abilities can reach far beyond your imagination…

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November 20, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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The IFA and their new toys

20130902-131909.jpgSo the IFA 2013 has shown new gadget to us.
4K TV, new HiFi components, Home entertainment…
But until we can benefit from all the new goodies,
some more days will have to pass by.

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September 5, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Cool ads

videoI really hate ads. Mostly they interrupt your favourite show, they distract you
from the actual story of a film and they’re annoyingly often put in between.
But when you have some time to spare and find such ads by accident or via
other websites, they can become cool.

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April 30, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Samsung UE60ES6300: Big TV, small price

When it comes to updates at my place, these are rare when we have to deal
with expenses beyond the 1000 CHF border. So that’s why the upgrade of my
TV set has taken over 6 years in a rather fast common update cycle. Don’t get
me wrong. I am not Mr. Pinchpenny but such expenses are well-considered.

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January 12, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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CES 2013 – The new trends from Samsung

While the CES is open for exhibition on January,8 to January,11 this year
manufacturers from all countries from the entertainment industry are
presenting their newest gadgets to the public. Samsung starts first and shows
it’s newest TV set. Looking like a painting easel, it seems to float in the room.

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January 8, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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UPC cablecom unlocks DigitalTV basic

The times change, as it does in the internet (speeds, availability) and also TV.
While many cable service providers have a crypted basic cableTV service or
at least only viewable if you own hardware from the certain provider, here
in switzerland, the UPC cablecom is going to change things now.

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October 16, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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The IFA berlin, 4K and no material

The International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin is open
and showing the latest inventions of various technical gadgets from many
companies. Once being held for Television, Video and radio, the IFA also
deals with IT products and Multimedia apart from common radio/video.

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September 2, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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New Samsung TV devices endangered?

It looks grim for Samsung’s most actual TV devices that also offer network
capabilities and streaming. It seems as if there’s a way to completely defeat
your TV set or blu-ray player simply by placing invalid chars into a control
data packet from Android and iDevices. The result: A non-working device!

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April 23, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Safe harbor: Consumer electronics?

It seems as if Sony also has problems with net profit loss. As the business
year is over now, Sony has announced that the net revenues have again
produced negative figures. Especially the TV sector is pruducing severe
losses. So Sony is taking action and laying off 11’000 people.

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April 9, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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LG shows 4mm-thin 55″ OLED TV on CES

It seems as if LG wants to bring new excitement into homecineasts’ homes
At least the newest addition of LG will let the hearts of many of us beat faster:
With a diamenter of 55 inches, a thicknes of only 4mm and a weight of about
15lbs (7.5 kg) the TV sets new records.

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January 4, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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And the pixel race goes on…

So just few days ago I have shown that the new phone displays in the upcoming devices
with Android will have displays with approx. 346 ppi and thus little sharper than the
Retina display in the iPhone 4. Today I stumbled upon news that Toshiba plans to make
displays with a whopping 2560×1600 resolution on 6-inch displays.

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October 25, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Something on TV that’s worth being watched

I finally found something on TV that’s worthwile watching. Despite the fact that
most of all tv series on TV are crap and that they often garnish these with two
to three blocks of commercial ads. Alone this fact, that on 45 minutes of a TV
series is expanded to 60 minutes because of ads, keep my TV mostly off!

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September 13, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Toshiba ZL2 – Yummy!

The IFA 2011 in Berlin (a famous german annual expo for new hifi and video devices)
brought up a new beauty concerning 3D TV. What has been limited to Asia before finally
seems to hit stores in Europe also. The Toshiba ZL2 is not only a glasses-free 3D TV, it
also supports Quadruple-HD (3840×2160) resolution.

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September 8, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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