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Downed railway gates have a reason!

videoSome people think, a railway gate that is down, still invites for trespassing.
Tough luck when the nearing train is so near that you get hit by it. But the
real tough luck is, when a second train is arriving. In this hit’n’run, a
woman tried to outrun the police for unknown reason.

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The feeling of a train hitting you

videoThis guy caught the idea of filming an ICE3 (Deutsche Bahn) passing by at
300 km/h (186 mph), According to his shout-out I guess the wind wave that
hit him was somewhat strong! But despite the fact of a heavy wind striking
you I guess it’s really dangerous! Do not try this for yourself!

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Frecciarossa 1000 aka. Zefiro 350…

…or when trains fly by with 400 km/h (250 mph)! The red arrow (the
translation for “frecciarossa”) as the new italian high-speed train is called
is supposed to reach 400 km/h albeit the operational speed is 360 km/h.
(215 mph). But as you can see the development never stops.

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Stuttgart 21: Another big construction fail?

It has been one of the most criticized traffic optimization projects: Stutgart
21, formerly known as the new central station allowing train pass through
instead of a terminus. Now it seems as if the projected costs of 4.5 billion €
cannot be stuck to and are recalculated to up to 6.8 billion €.

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Return to Bern, Super Bowl…

So the weekend is almost gone again! Really sad to see three days to pass by so quickly.
It makes me feel kinda sad to leave my friends in Munich again and go back to the usual
workload week in Bern. But hey, no work, no effort, no money, honey! So best to put all
my energy into the next work week and do the best to visit my friends in Munich again.

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The weekend, strange trains and Munich

This weekend I am going to Munich again and also see a good friend of mine who celebrates
his 30th birthday. Odd to see some frosting in a train car that is heated up to felt 25°C. Due
to the lack of a stable cell network and the repeated non-working status of the local cell
networks I’ll upload the pictures later on. Funny to see the snow blowing into the coach.

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Things you’d better not do in public!

Racism, hatred… face it! Wherever you go, there’s at least someone who lives
patriotism the false way. In the following video, I was shocked about a young
woman with child complaining about immigrants and black people in London.
Delicate: She complained in a full suburb train with some black people!

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November 30, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Possibly smallest Train?

Sure… it seems to be a classical fake but it think, it is a good one. So if you hate waiting
at a railroad crossing, then this train might be your dream. However this being a fake, in
Washington D.C. there is a study ongoing for a public mass transit system that consists of
many tiny individual capsules. Sounds interesting but won’t come true before 2025, probably!

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Shall I push the button…?

Well, today’s entry from me is not related to economy (which seems to have calmed
a bit anyways) or from computer-related topics (nothing new happened so far).
Today I am writing about people who tend to push buttons for no reason… in tramways
or buses for example… or in offices on computers or phones or other devices…

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Google and Munich S-Bahn…

…how do they relate?
You may say: One can spot Munich from atop via Google Maps and try to find all S-Bahn
trainstations… True but as of today, another service from Deutsche Bahn has reached
internet era. Ever imagined to see where your suburb-train is currently and if it is delayed?

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