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Shit’n’Dine – Weird restaurant themes

videoEver thought of a restaurant where you sit on a toilet bowl? Or even eat
out of one? In Los Angeles, a new eatery has opened with toilets as theme.
The result looks quite disturbing yet funny, however it may not hit
everyone’s taste. Interesting to see that such weird ideas still come true.

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October 22, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Doing a shit at 88 kmph?

movie-iconWhy not? Colin Furze has finalized what no other has done before. He
built the world’s fastest mobile toilet. Not a camper toilet. No, a real on!
Complete with toilet paper holder, an automatic water flush and paper
holder. 16 HP are accelerating the fast shitter to 88 kmph!

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Shit’n’Call – the new trend?

The smartphone is today as essential as the daily newspaper or the E-Mail.
Communication seems essential to most of us. The upcoming generation
doesn’t even hesitate to use the gadget on the toilet. A recent study now
has revealed what happens on the toilets nowadays.

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Recently in a toilet in Korea…

There are several signs out in the world that makes you either ask yourself
or trying to figure out why that particular sign has been put up. In a toilet
in Korea, a guide sign has been put up however the pictograms are rather
odd and make you also laugh a bit. One pictogram took my attention!

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Such a sh*t! No toilet paper!

This reeks! Pupils of an elementary school in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) are
from now on forced to bring their own toilet paper. Why? because some
sh*theads thought, it’s a good idea to clog the toilet by throwing in complete
toiletpaper rolls or other paper that soaks full and clogs the drain.

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Funny Pranks

Things you’d better not do at your community or you consider cleaning the mess afterwards!
However the preparations are made very detailed and carefully…
So if you want to have a laugh or two, you might find the following video an inspiration
for a new prank…

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