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AMD Radeon R9 295X2 – NVidia Killer

AMDVisionAMD fights back… and seems to be successful. While NVidia is currently
promoting it’s TITAN Z series GPU (2x Titan Black), AMD goes ahead with
a dual 295X GPU card. The tremendous heat dissipation of 500 watts is
managed by a pre-mounted watercooling solution from Asetek.

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Annoyances and solutions

AMDVisionI am very patient when it comes to erroneous products. I usually
seel the way of least resistance to get to the goal. But when there’s
something I don’t like much, then it is getting joked on by
companies. Gigabyte is one such who lost my reputation!

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Supercomputer Titan gets superfast SAN

Not only is Titan (a Cray XK7 machine with 17PFlops/s) the fastest
Supercomputer to date but soon it’ll have access to the fastest SAN
attached to it. With a net data speed of 1,4 TByte/s it can save a
private person’s video library faster then it needs for the click.

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The fight for the fastest GPU – once more!

While AMD has already some High-End GPUs on the market, NVidia’s top
speed card, the NVidia GeForce 690GTX still is using the “old” structure
size for it’s die. The Radeon HD7990 for example builds on the 28nm struc-
ture, while the 690GTX uses the Kepler GPU based on the 32nm structure.

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