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WHOA! Close call – stairway to heaven!

It seems as there are still some truck drivers underestimating their rig’s
abilities. In this movie, the driver seems to have taken the curve with too
much speed resulting in his cargo containment to drop off the trailer and
slide over the intersection towards to wating cars and a motorcyclist.

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Fun with silos

You probably know Mr.Bean’s tag from the movie “Bean” when he was on
hold at the airport for simulating a gun in his pocket. In the auditing room he
simulated that he was going down steps and vanishing from the viewport.
A similar tag has been done now by a farm silo which refused to tip.

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Spectacular Truck tipping

You can’t tell for sure what this truck driver has thought. But maybe he
thought, he was playing “Need for Speed – Most Wanted” or GTA… But
speeding with such high velocity into such a harsh turn is for sure not a
good idea, especially when your vehicle is a truck and not a Laborghini.

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Dogs shouldn’t booze!

This dog seems to have had one too much. Unluckily, this hairy friend chooses
to stand in a rather unfortunate location, namely a small puddle. When tired-
ness does it’s magic also, the result is a unwanted-wet dog. I guess, he’d stay
away from puddles for some time – especially when he’s on a hangover…

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